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Central 1600000000 subsidies to support the promotion of efficient motor industry usher in new opportunities

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      The State Council executive meeting to discuss through the national basic public service system, "Twelfth Five Year Plan", research and determine the promotion of energy-saving home appliances and other products consumption policy measures. Meeting to promote energy saving appliances and other products, such as consumer policy measures, decided to arrange 1600000000 yuan to support the promotion of efficient motor.
      Industry analysts told reporters that from 2010 to 2012, the market capacity of China's motor and control system will be more than 13000000000 yuan. Today, the new energy vehicles to support policies to accelerate the implementation, and therefore, the auto motor industry will usher in the golden period of development.
      Rui Lin Consulting Senior Fellow Chen Ruo told the "Securities Daily" reporter the interview said that 16 billion for the motor industry output value can be described as "a drop in the bucket". Therefore, the planning for the motor industry "forms in essence", intended to show that countries support the development of energy efficient motors, in order to boost the confidence of motor producers and consumers.